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+ monday, july 15

from ‘things i get to see now that i don’t ride the bus to and from work’: reinforcements

from ‘things that happened a couple of weeks ago but i forgot to link to’: pinball and scooters
10:10 AM

+ tuesday, july 9

late last night, someone found this site while searching for nude pictures of Daler Mehndi. yep, Daler Mehndi.
3:08 PM

+ monday, july 8

back in the states. Vancouver was fantastic. pictures and text are up now.
10:35 AM

+ wednesday, july 3

it seems that this jet-setting and car-setting lifestyle of mine doesn’t take holidays off. in honor of the upcoming patriotic weekend, i’m setting out for Vancouver B.C. with Hai and Peggy late this afternoon.
10:23 AM

+ tuesday, july 2

happy birthday to Dave!
10:35 AM

+ monday, july 1

i accidentally walked about 9 miles south to Pacifica on the beach yesterday. i took pictures.
1:19 PM

+ thursday, june 27

capes are back in a big way.
6:27 PM

+ tuesday, june 25

hi hi. back from Austin as scheduled, but then i was in Oakland, and i’ll be in San Jose all week getting learned. busy beezy.

here are some pictures i took from the airplanes to and from Austin. it was hazy out there in the west-mid-west because of all the fires.

topographical map
ridge and lake
fighting pac-men
7:37 PM

+ tuesday, june 18

off to the airport in a few minutes for a trip to Austin. be back late tomorrow night.
12:09 PM

+ wednesday, june 12

i only vaguely remember Twin Peaks existing as a TV series, but i’m halfway through Season 1 right now on DVD. i accidentally watched the prequel Fire Walk With Me beforehand, because i mixed it up with the pilot. so i already know who killed Laura Palmer, but it’s lovely all the same. it’s like a cross between the more subtle spoiled-hometown creepiness of Blue Velvet and the scary demonic mysteriousness of Lost Highway. the suggestion of twins everywhere, prophetic visions, mutated and powerful men in small rich placeless rooms, everything almost inevitable.

David Lynch movies are not ‘good movies’ in the usual sense, i’ve sort of decided. but i really like them because they seem to be such a thorough and vivid look at the inside of his rather interesting skull, and he doesn’t feel obligated to explain anything; every film stars him as god.
1:24 PM

stats help
Statistics Help

Getting Help With Statistics When You Need it

Normally, the process of getting ahead in a stats class is based on a very simple algorithm: Attend to class, attend to the T.A. sessions, attend to office hours with the instructor, due diligently and on time your homework assignments, ask the instruction for guidance with the homework when needed and follow all the required reading and practice exercises. Most people follow such process, and they will end up do it pretty well.

Other students, though, will follow such process religiously and yet they will still feel that they are following behind. Those students are typically the ones that struggle in all of their math classes. They do pretty well otherwise (they are great at writing, at sports, at the arts, you name it). But then they have to face their nemesis: that Stats course that they have been pushing forward in hopes that it would eventually disappears mysteriously, magically. It does not happen unfortunately, and they have to face it.

Why do I have to take Stats?

That is the question that many students will pose, and to a strong degree that is I question that I ask myself: why the system is such that it forces students with no inclination (and potentially no skills) to take certain math or stats classes. One the one hand, I think that skills can be acquired. I mean, after all, we are endowed by birth talents, and all the skills are acquired. But to what degree it is logical to force someone to acquire skills when that person does not have any interest?

help with stats hw

Acquiring a skill has several requirements: Number one is the desire to acquire the skill, and number two, repetition of tasks that have a proven positive effect in the acquisition of such skill. So, in my mind, interest goes first. Then, you do the rest. Lots of homework problems, practice. Get under pressure and solve your Stats quizzes and tests All that pushes your brain, and makes you forcefully to learn. Almost mandatory. But, in my experience, something fails when interest is not there. It is like a channel is closed. It is like that road of learning is full of landmines. And unwillingly so. This is, when a student does have interest in the subject, the path shuts down internally, automatically.

The Emergency Path: Learning Stats When You Don’t Want to Learn Stats

Here is where you need to have an emergency plan. You don’t like stats, but somehow you need to pass the class. Then you need to concentrate, because there is not one way to do it. Look around, see the resources you have available. Talk to your instructor, talk you your T.A. Talk to your classmates who are also lost. What are they doing. Get a Stats tutor, see if your classmates are also getting a tutor.

Get a hold of an online stats tutor. Are other people you know using some good stats service. How about a local tutor. Consider all the options. Even, work your mind out and decide that you will develop a little bit of interest in the subject. Give it a try. There must be something in it that may be of some remote interest.